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Rachel "the fox" Worth
Her theme

As the wheel of fate turns, our lives keep turning as well. This wheel turns as our destinies prosper, and rise to understanding. When that wheel slows down, everything will soon turn black. This time, at least from Rachel's seasickness. She was swooping down near the boat's edge, staring at the ocean trying to soothe herself, but to no avail. The last three days were hell for her upon this... this evil, accursed boat.

"He'll pay for...ugh, this," Rachel said, virtually gagging on her own words. Of course, when she says 'he', she's referring to that sneaky treasure hunter she's working for. He provided no warning that she would be... on a boat. Rachel then noticed a sudden orange light coming from behind her. She turned around seeing another lady, with a man holding a torch. Rachel couldn't help but eavesdrop... a little.

“Ma’am, we will be docking in five minutes," The man said. "If you could meet on the main deck, we can unload ya’ll onto Pandora.”

"Ugh, finally... erp..." Rachel said, relieved, at the same time, almost ready to burst. Soon, she found herself back in her cabin, quietly, yet quickly packing away her possessions in her travel bag. She wanted to make sure that she only packed what she needed - chips, cookies, ice cream, and lollipops, until she realized, this was a pokemon adventure, so... yeah, she packed pokemon-essential materials. Speaking of pokemon, her Slugma slithered its way over towards her cabin bed, greeting Rachel by almost melting her bed. Rachel warned Slugma to get off of there quickly, but the problem was obviously that Slugma was too slow.

As the ship finally docked, people lined up to get off the boat. As it was finally Rachel's and her Slugma's turn, Rachel was so relieved that she thought about kissing the ground, but... it was a little dirty, so she advised against it. She looked on to finally see the place that she landed on - Atara Village. It was pretty big; merchants where almost all over the place, with a lot of tourists visiting the village to have a close eye on the structures and the attractions. Rachel's delight turned to a high concerned-look as she peered down towards her Slugma.

"Well... you're my only pokemon," she said with a pitiful chuckle as her Slugma simply blinked. "I think I won you at a poker game... is that right?" Her Slugma did not respond. "Your last owner named you Natsu... I think. Natsu the Slugma. I don't even know what a 'Natsu' is. I hope it's delicious. But, well... your owner named you that, so... I gotta call you that, I guess." Once again, Slugma didn't respond as Rachel then sighed.


Rachel then found herself in the village with her Slugma, Natsu, just slowly keeping up. She then found a group of people together near a strange building; it was much taller and wider than the buildings that were all around the village.

"They say them' ghouls gobble people up for their lunch," Rachel overheard one of them say.

"That's just a rumor," another replied shortly afterward. "The explorers went inside there, remember? Nothing in there but young wild pokemon and a few broken bits of pottery. Shame really, but, that's the way it is."

"Ghouls, huh...?" Rachel whispered to herself. "Mmm... just imagine the amount of delight I would have with a ghoul... It would possess the souls of food vendors as they would then help me steal all their apples. Amazing!" Rachel then turned to Natsu. "We're going inside! Let's go--" But as Rachel raced on, she saw that Natsu was not beside her following along, as she turned back to see her Slugma, still slowly slithering a few feet behind. Rachel slapped her forehead.

This is going to be a looooooong night...

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