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    Originally Posted by CycloneGU View Post

    Bramvdh: :o You went all out of the tiling work, quite clearly...and you used different trees in the forest area. Never seen that. Also see the attempt to add depth on the right. However, I think the grass actually starts Route 1, doesn't it? Not sure why it's on the town map. The rock area in Route 1 below makes no sense with trees on either side. Also, you can put all four maps in one file if you want; just manually expand the trees. I'm doing a project like that right now on an existing hack.
    Thanks for the feedback.
    About the rocks, my idea was of a broken off cliff. a sort of forgotten piece of a rock avalanche. Maybe the rocks are a bit to big.

    About the grass in Pallet Town, I just made it on my memory and I remember professor Oak rushing from the village that why I added it their. I can fix it when it becomes a problem.

    Are the different trees a good idea? It gives a more realistic view imho