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Originally Posted by Seiren View Post
It makes me laugh when Americans complain about games from Japan not being localized: you guys should try living in the UK, Europe or Australia; we get even less than that, or we get it a year or more later. I know we can just import, but it's the principle of it; half this stuff doesn't even make it to our shores.

But I digress. One game I want to play, above everything else, is Luminous Arc 3. I am really, REALLY annoyed that one didn't get picked up, especially after they did the first two. I was really looking forward to it. Similarly, I don't see why Sengoku Basara: Utage can't get localized either; it's been pretty much ruled out due to poor sales of the third game, but there has been quite a bit of interest in it.

A lot of Japanese JRPGs have fallen by the wayside over the years that I'd like to see localized, although there is slim chance of it ever happening. A lot of anime-based games, as well, although that is slightly more understandable, since a lot of the anime in question weren't even dubbed. But English language options would be nice...
That "UK not getting games/gets games later" stuff doesn't slide anymore. Lately the UK has been "getting made up for" the games they originally didn't bring over to Japan, not only getting games we don't, but also getting rereleases of the games the UK originally didn't, even starting to dub games now. Right now, I'd say we're on an equal playing field, it wasn't our fault that we got games the UK didn't, and similarly, the vice versa is true.

Also, about Utage, SB3 didn't do that well in the West, even with its amazing localization (which they put a crapton of work into) and how fun it was, and there were a couple reasons for this. The first reason was that nobody knew that SB3 was coming out, nobody knew what Sengoku Basara was (these two reasons were because Sengoku Basara, the anime adaptation, had not come over yet, and because Capcom didn't advertise the game that much, if at all), and when they came out, the reviewers probably didn't even play them (seriously, read the major site reviews, they didn't give two flying craps about SB3 and just slapped on a crappy rating). They didn't want to pay to have this game localized and translated if the audience they were catering to wouldn't make them a good profit (in the end, they might actually be losing money). The other reason being the game Devil Kings, it had so much done to it that you probably couldn't even tell that it was Japanese. Devil Kings is the localized version of Sengoku Basara 1, but it was changed so much that it wasn't even a Sengoku game anymore, it was a fantasy game about...Devil Kings. Needless to say, the game was also terribly received (though this time, with good reason), and thus SB 2 and 2 Heroes didn't come over. They thought that by using an incredible localization, all the would be fans of Devil Kings would come rushing to buy the game, but people weren't ready to take that step again and others were wondering if they should play 2 and 1 first. So, given the sales of Utage, it might have worked against them if they released it in the West.
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