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    My revised application
    Let me know if I made the team coach.

    Name: Haru Hatake

    Preferred Starter Pokémon: Cubchoo

    Appearance: Like a Unova ace trainer with long shaggy light brown hair. He’s about five feet, five inches, a bit short for his age. He wears glasses with frames the shape of leaves. He prefers to wear khaki shorts, and wears a large variety of shirts, ranging from dressy polos, to plain white t-shirts. He’s a skinny boy about ninety-six pounds. His hair is long, shaggy, and a bit curly at the ends, and a light brownish color. He has a face that looks mature for what age he is. He has an angular chin, and a tell tale sign of a beard. His voice is unnaturally deep for his age, which has led to ridicule in the past. He isn’t gorgeous, but he definitely not ugly. His muscles are there, but there not big. He has strong legs however, and his brain muscle is bigger than that.

    Personality: He’s a lighthearted kid fourteen years old. He doesn’t care what people say about him, he just wants to belong. He’s a bit of an oddball, and kind of a flirt, but he knows what a good friend is, and he’s as loyal a friend as anyone could be. He won’t let people hurt his friends, and he would kill the man who would dare to harm a Pokemon. He’s clever, and can be a bit of a “smart ass”, which has also led to being made fun of. He again doesn’t care what people think of him, so he tends to act on impulse, and gets in trouble for it on occasion. Whenever someone insults him, he just shrugs it off and says a snappy comeback and moves on. He may seem unlikable on the outside, but on the inside he can be sweet and caring. He hates watching people in pain and would do anything to help.

    Role Play Sample: The boat pulled ashore and a lively figure leapt off the bow, completely ignoring the gangplank. “See you guys when I’m famous” he called out to the crew of the S.S. Magikarp, and walked slowly to the solitary tent on the beachhead. The energetic young man strode into the tent full of confidence, and a bit of swagger.

    Everybody in the tent gave him a strange look, and he just looked back with a huge grin on his face. ”Haru. Haru Hatake. Future explorer, future celebrity.” Everyone just kept staring at the boy like he was mad. The light reflected off of his long, curly light brown hair, so nobody could get a clear look at him. A voice from the crowd of people called out, “Who the hell are you?” He just kept grinning and repeated his earlier statement, and took a seat. Just watching what was going down.

    The professors were hard at work, and the explorers were gathering supplies and checking on their Pokemon teams. Haru, however, just sat in the corner and watched. Finally a man had to know what he was doing, and asked him what he was doing here. “Why is everyone else here? I’m here to get fame and glory. If I’m lucky, treasure.” His hazel eyes lit up when that word came out.

    The man laughed, disbelieving that such a small child could be an explorer. “Keep telling yourself that son” and he walked off, leaving Haru steaming and wanting to punch the man in the jaw. He skulked in the corner and continued to watch the goings on.

    While he sat there pouting, he noticed a shadow hanging over him. He looked up to see his role model, Dr. Laughner. He smiled. “Doctor Arden Stone!” he exclaimed loudly. “I’ve read your books, I like your research.” He started to fire question after question off.

    The man laughed and sighed. “No son. You've confused me. I'm Doctor Laughner, and your Haru Hatake. I’ve seen your swagger, and I like your attitude.” Haru grinned and brushed invisible dust off his shoulders. The doctor laughed. “You have confidence. That’s exactly what I’m looking for.” He chuckled. “How do you feel about adventure mixed with Pokemon?”

    Haru’s eyes lit up brighter than the sun. “Is this what I’m thinking is happening?” and Laughner laughed, then nodded. Haru fainted there on the spot.”

    “Is anyone with this kid?” The older man called out.
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