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    Originally Posted by TyphosTheD View Post
    Having some trouble. I've restarted the hack twice so far, once because I got locked in the Giant Tentacruel battle and couldn't beat him nor could I lose because it would freeze when I switched in my 5th pokemon, regardless of order. And now I can' activate the Primape P1 Gran Prix event because Primeape won't listen to me, AT ALL. I don't mean sometimes, he literally won't listen, the same goes for Charmleon. I noticed that most of the AI I fight are only using the same move over and over again, and always do criticals, sleep powder etc always hit, paralysis stays active (you are always too paralyzed to attack). These are all small problems, but overall they add up to an almost unplayable game.
    Primeape wont listen untill you start the tournament and charmeleon wont listen untill it evolves into charizard and you complete the charizard chills event which has not been released yet, this is to follow the anime as primeape and charizard dont respect ahs as a trainer at first. As for the giant Tentacruel that sounds like a serious problem, which beta are you using?
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