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"Let them run." Sentry answered. "Eventually, their day will come. Whether it be tomorrow, in a week, in a month, or even in a year. The end of the Gold Tribe is almost certain. There's too few of them now to do much." This seemed ridiculous. The opportunity to wipe them out for good was slipping away. Fine. I can wait a little longer. Sovereign stood silently and waited. He didn't care as long as he got to fight again soon.

The Inferno issued orders to the other Sentinels like he was the boss. "Crusher," he hated that name, but he was known by it now. It was his reputaion. "You go to Albia. Frost, Deluge, and Ignitus have just quelled a rebellion there and might need some help keeping the city secure. The Gold Tribe might have lost the battle here, but there's still an Alpha Alliance army out there, and from our reports, they're coming soon."

Inferno took his leave as Scar nodded to Sovereign. Then, Sentry looked at Sovereign. "Keep an eye on Frost. She may be one of us, but her arrogance and pride get into her emotions too much. Keep her in line if you have to." He had a point. Sovereign had never liked Frost much. "She is a coward. Nothing more."

Sovereign was alone now. He gazed at the mountains. They reminded him of home. Do you remember the day I gave you your name? Sovereign turned around quickly to a shocking sight. "Father?!" Indeed, the former Garchomp seemed to be standing right in front of his eyes. "Your dead. You can't be here." Indeed I am. You made sure of that didn't you? His voice didn't sound right. His father never talked in such a malevolent tone. Why do you trust them? The other Sentinels are just going to betray you. It's in their nature. Sovereign stared for a moment at the impossible image before him.

"You let him get away." Sovereign snapped out of it. He turned to see a Blaziken on a nearby boulder. He turned back for a moment. His father was gone. "What's wrong? You look like you've seen a ghost," said Vera. "Maybe I have," Sovereign said to himself. "So, why'd you let the dragon go?" she asked. "He gave me exactly what I wanted. A good fight. Haven't had one that good in forever." He paused. "I trust this will stay between us?" Vera raised an eyebrow. "Of course Sovereign. You know you can trust me."

"Do you have it?" asked Sovereign as they walked away from the battlefield. Vera removed a pouch hanging around her neck and handed it to Sovereign. He turned it out in his hand revealing a small, light blue rock shard. He placed it back into the pouch and handed it back to Vera. "I almost lost control out there. You should be ready to use that if necessary." Vera looked at him and took the pouch back. "I will be," she said, "Where are we going?"

"To Albia."