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    Penance 'Defender' Malum

    Penance just burst into laughter as Bloodthrister actually began to shout and was enraged. "Oh! That's rich!" He was about to head out a bit further but then was grabbed by Wildfire and given a small speech as he rolled his eyes. "Oh you! You know nothing about what you speak!" He giggled some more. "You always need to be happy! If you don't laugh then you just hurt!" He burst into some more laughter.

    "Wait, Dark Lightning?" Penance burst into more laughter, "Aw! Vigie wigie didn't know!? Well, now ya do Vigie! We all do! Just one down and then even more! Just like before in the past! Like looking through the window!" He exclaimed happily. He just listened to the others talk with a smile still on his bill. "Oh, you!" He pointed at Noctus. "They have been with your leader for so long! Do you think they would know where it's at? I'm sure he and every thief in the village knows! Of course, they're probably there with roses."

    He burst into more laughter as he pulled away from Wildfire, "You all don't get it! I guess I don't get it either... but it's not supposed to be gotten!" He giggled a bit more and leaned against a tree, "It's right there in the mind! Just staring at us!" He looked down at his bracelet and chuckled a bit more, "Not even luck helps us. No, we need hope. Has anyone seen her?" He asked as he looked around. "I was pretty sure she was somewhere here.... but I can't remember."

    He sighed, "You know, this reminds me of the roses. There were so many back then.... you don't want to be a rose, do you Vigie?" He asked as he glance over at the Bisharp. "I wouldn't want to be one. That would be too sad. So very sad."