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Originally Posted by shadowriver View Post
I must have read your mind cause i had already fixed the rock area,replaced it with trees, before you posted lol.
and thanx for telling me bout the name i had no idear about that since i havent plaayed black or white yet.
If you want to know names to avoid, in that case, here's a list:

Wellspring Cave
Pinwheel Forest
Chargestone Cave
Mistralton Cave (which could be named for Mistralton City later on)
Lostlorn Forest
Cold Storage
Challenger's Cave (though this could be used in another area technically)
Celestial Tower
Twist Mountain
Moor of Icirrus (but that's for Icirrus City)

And that's the maingame, I'm not in the eastern side of Unova yet (still a little weak and will likely wander in Route 11 grass and hunt Audinos), though the E4 and Ghetsis have fallen. I do know Abyssal Ruin(s) and Giant Chasm are over there.

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