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Julia Blackwood - Tent in Heroes' Loft
Entei hesitated a moment before speaking. He lifted his head high and gazed into the distance as he spoke. His tone was rather sober, perhaps a bit indignant. "I wish to walk. I could run, I could cross this entire island in moments, and never return. Instead I chose to accompany some naive /girl/ on her quest to risk her life to make some poorly thought out wish to preserve her friendship with her friends forever!"

He almost seemed angry at himself, and yet... like he'd said... he could have left. Yet, he chose not to. Why?

Meanwhile, Julia shook her head at Kiba's response. Of all the times to choose to be modest, this had been the only time where romance would've been much more appropriate. "Don't kill the moment~" she said in a light-hearted tone. "But...thanks--Really, I don't know that I would've survived that attack at all, even with the medicine..." She felt his hand turn to embrace her and allowed this. She lacked much muscle mass on her arms, and so he'd find her hands gentle and perhaps a bit frail, her skin smooth. She clearly didn't work with them all that often. Considering the very popular misconception that girls didn't have as much upper-body strength this might not mean anything to Kiba at all, though.

"...You're not ready to die, right?" She seemed concerned, her hand shifting within Kiba's before settling... "Because I think I do owe you something... starting with honesty, and I think you're too modest." She turned her gaze on him, a slightly less awkward smile present. "I know it hasn't been so long but... yeah. I do."

Julia looked away again, before speaking up in a light-hearted tone again. "I want to be loved too, y'know." Despite her light-hearted tone she'd revealed something rather intimate, a desire for love, a desire for affection... Really, what person her age /didn't/? It had honestly made her decision to give him a chance much easier on her. More importantly even however, she had stated that she had some similar feelings to him.

It's been a long time since we crossed paths over spcae-time~
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