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Hey everyone =) I was expecting my Giratina hunt to go over the odds since my Platinum game trolled me with a 10.5 month long Piplup hunt, but after 7215 resets I have a shiny Giratina!

I really wanted to catch it without my Master Ball, but when it got down to 2 PP (after escaping from 2 Premier Balls, 15 Dusk Balls, and 10 Timer Balls) I ended up just throwing the Master Ball.

It has an Impish nature, and I'll be calling it Sombra ("shadow" in Spanish, I think it sounds elegant... plus my shiny Zapdos from Soul Silver, which was leading my party, has a Spanish name).

Next up in Platinum is Palkia, which is probably my favorite Sinnoh legendary =)

Oh, and with this shiny I now have 4 shinies from this month. That ties July 2012 with April and May 2011 as my most productive month shiny-wise, since I got 4 shinies in each of those months. April 2011 was also the month where I started hunting ^.^

Welcome to all new members and good luck to everyone on your hunts!
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