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Rin Shavi
One for All

"H-hello!" Dr. Boone shouted out to Rin from his doorway. "Are you hurt? Please, come up here!" Rin heard him clearly, at the very least, her hearing had returned, but she was still almost paralyzed. Her eyes were cold and distant and her face was wet from crying. She moved her eyes to see who was calling out to her. It was a man, a doctor from the looks of it. She actually didn't mind lying there for until she recovered; other than being an eyesore, she would recover eventually; however, Feign was another story. His breathing was getting heavier and he was starting to shiver. Rin knew that this was acute poisoning, but it should have taken longer to go into effect, after all, she'd been poisoned several times in the past. That's when she remembered the onslaught of attacks by the violent Zubats. Still, if she wanted to save him, she'd need to move. She tried moving her legs and they responded by moving in various directions; progress, but those weren't the directions she wanted. She moved her arm to her back, slowly, her body aching with each inch that her arm moved. She opened her fanny pack and pulled out her Light Knife. She then dropped her hand back to the ground. She slowly slid her hand across the ground, past her face, and towards her left arm, just below her shoulder. The metal of the knife came in contact with her skin, and then it penetrated it. Blood then started to flow from the wound.

"Not...Not enough..." She said, wincing in pain. She put more force into her right arm and the river of blood increased it's size, and she continued to increase the force until finally she couldn't take it anymore. "Gah!" She yelled, removing the knife from her arm. She moved her knees, this time they responded correctly. She got to her knees, and then stood up. Blood continued to flow from her arm, dripping from her fingers. She put her knife away and closed her fanny pack, picking Feign up with her right hand. She went to the doctor, trembling and wobbling on the way there, still not fully able to control her body, and said, "I don't need to stay long, I just need to bandage this up and then sit down for a little while, I'll be outta your hair in a few hours." She looked to Feign and said, "This Elektrike, on the other hand, needs help. He's been poisoned and been heavily assaulted...I'll pay you to let him stay here for a little while."
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