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    Originally Posted by Ark_Silvanos View Post
    So i checked this out and its a really good idea I like the fact you guys are making it kind of a starter kit for digimon hacks . One of the things you should think about tho is size. I mean some of your sprites are HUGE, esp the baby stage things, like the pink bird (Poromon, i think) and the beast starter.
    Yeah I figured the base patch would interest a lot of people. I know the sprites aren't to scale. It's something we're gonna have to start working on soon. All the sprites have to fit into a 64x64 image, so all the sprites that were already small enough to fit weren't re-sized. That's mostly my fault lol.

    Update: I managed to get ahold of an internet connection for a few minutes today and got most of the necessary files to continue hacking so ignore the earlier update lol.
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