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Okay, I have a good allusion to compare the changes in Pokemon style to: Star Wars Original Trilogy vs Prequels. With the original trilogy, technology was limited, so more feeling and emotion were necessary to make an impression. This is similar to the limited technology of the original Game Boy.

However, the developers were able to work around the technological limits and still create fascinating, wonderful, and memorable creatures by adding feeling and emotion, just like the directors of the Original Trilogy were able to work around technological limits to create great characters and story with emotion. In essence, both the older generations of Pokemon and the Star Wars Trilogy had more feeling and emotion to them, because limits and technology forced the creators to focus more on emotion and feeling.

With the new Star Wars movies and new Pokemon generations, though, great strides in technology allow for more detailed graphics. However, these new Pokemon, with their endless markings, armor, contrasting colors, and spikes lack the emotion and overall creativity of the older ones. The same can be said for the Prequels, which lack the feeling and emotion of the older movies, instead relying on complicated CGI, just the same way the new Pokemon rely on complicated armor and spikes.
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