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    Final Update on the white version of my ultimate monotype challenge! I left off after beating the elite four for the first time, and doing a bit of exploration in the non-eastern half of Unova.

    Aaaand... I'm lazy. I cleared the Eastern half of Unova, using the lucky egg and leveling my team up for a while. Then fought Cheren and Miromoto, and then off to the Elite Four.

    Marshal: He led off with Breloom, and Krookodile's Aerial Ace took it down. Golurk took on the rest except for Sawk, who was ultimately finished off by Excadrill. This guy wasn't that tough.

    Shauntal: Most of his Pokemon went down to a good Crunch or Earthquake from Krookodile, but Jellicent required some help from Stunfisk and Seismitoad.

    Grimsley: Easy the most difficult due to the lack of a fighter on the team. Sharpedo went down to Stunfisk, and my Krookodile matched up with his. Seismitoad's Drain Punch helped me win out the rest of the way.

    Caitlin: Easy peasy. Excadrill + 3 Swords Dances + X-Scissor = pwnage.

    Alder: He was actually slightly tough. Amazingly enough, my Stunfisk took down Accelgor. Go figure... Bouffalant went down to Golurk, and Stunfisk finished off Escavalier after the rest of the team couldn't handle it. Vanilluxe went down to Seismitoad and Krookodile finished Druddigon. Volcarona was horrible, just horrible. It was faster than Excadrill, so Rock Slide never got in. I poisoned the thing with Seismitoad, but it Hyper Beam'ed me away. I had brought along a nice Level 30 stunfisk just as a staller (still a ground type), and it actually came in, being the only one left. Volcarona had to recharge and was finished by the Poison. And Stunfisk gained over 13,000 exp points!

    And that's all for the challenge! What did I learn? Ground types can be really tough, but they have a typical weakness to water, and Thunderbolt isn't widespread on Ground-types. The faster ground types tend to hit harder, though they're more vulnerable with defense. Overall, though, ground types are pretty good, especially with the fact that Earthquake is one of the most powerful moves in the game when combined with STAB. And Swords Dance is beastly. And anyone who can raise a Stunfisk to Lv. 70 is awesome.

    What should I do now...?

    Final Team:
    Stunfisk Lv. 70 - Mud Bomb/Scald/Sludge Bomb/Thunderbolt
    Krookodile Lv. 71 - Aerial Ace/Crunch/Earthquake/Outrage
    Seismitoad Lv. 71 - Grass Knot/Drain Punch/Poison Jab/Surf
    Golurk Lv. 71 - Hammer Arm/Mega Punch/Earthquake/Heavy Slam
    Excadrill Lv. 73 - Swords Dance/Rock Slide/X-Scissor/Earthquake