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    Update 2 (not a huge update but i have like 20 minutes to kill before work)

    After fighting N I healed up and decided there was not much to do in Accumula town and pressed onward. In route 2 my first encounter was a lv 4 Purlion so I caught it and nicknamed it Leo, I then when back to Accumula town healed up and put Leo at the start of my party. I encountered a Lv 4 Patrat and it kills Leo in two moves which sucked, I then continued through the route leveling up WhamShell and Furball, both there healths were in the orange so i decided to move on to Striaton City, to heal them and to my surprise (no seriously i forgot) Bianca wanted to battle me, i was lucky enough to defeat her with little effort, but she almost killed my WhamShell on a critical hit tackle, so i healed up and went to the Dreamyard luckily there was no grass so i defeated the two trainers and got myself a Pansear which i nicknamed Pyro. I Then went to the trainer school, defeated Cheren, then challenged and defeated the Striaton Gym, with no casualties. I then went to Fennels house went back to route 2 caught a Patrat named it SLAVE (I am allowing the use of HM Slaves but they are not to be used in battle at all, not even to send them out to heal another Pokemon.) Taught it cut and then went to the Dreamyard, Saved Munna from Team Plasma deposited SLAVE, got the C-gear and Pal Pad from Fennel and her assistant and saved the game.

    Current Team

    WhamShell Lv 13

    Tail Whip
    Focus Energy
    Water gun

    FurBall Lv 14

    Odor Sleuth

    Pyro Lv 11



    Current Graveyard

    Leo the Purloin Lv 4


    Deposited Pokemon

    Slave the Patrat (unusable)

    Thoughts as of yet.

    I'm actually enjoying training Furball it is quite tough and i like it cause its a dog. Still not sure as to what to do with WhamShell, and so far this challenge has confirmed my thoughts on Purloin, its crap. I'm also probably not going to use Pyro for long as i have trained all the elemental monkeys before as a part of my monkey/ape team. But like i said last time nothing set in stone.

    I am going to pause my challenge for a few days just a few work commitments have come up and i will be required to work a few extra hours.
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