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    Originally Posted by Rhea2x5g View Post
    I still think for once that the Pokemon company's running out of ideas by the second-- They just have this feature so that they believe people would buy it, but heck. I won't even buy a game that a company randomly puts features in. I want to have a reason why they needed the feature in the game. This feature was probably added in randomly to get more buyers.
    That's why Wifi was added into the games...why they made Pokemon Contests...why they made the Battle Frontier...

    The reason is to give people something to play in their games. If they have been running out of ideas, then they most certainly have been running out of ideas for like 10 years now. Cause they've been running out of ideas since well Generation 2 according to a majority of fans.

    The PWT is something new to set the game apart from all past games. Just how the Battle Fronteir was made to set Emerald a part from Crystal and Yellow.

    That's why the Underground was made instead of the same Secret bases from R/S, to set them apart from the previous games, and Pokethon for HG/SS.

    Other wise we'd have the same thing over and over and over again.

    They really aren't running out of ideas considering they are still able to produce videogames at all despite what has been said since Generation 2.