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    'Til Death Do You Part

    Without any motion of fear, Ki had walked up to stand beside the mighty beast. He gave the Entei a slight glance with his odd eyes, before gazing at the distant horizon. That hardly seems like a reason to use a wish... When it's something that can be done yourself... But that's not in your interest, now is it? Without waiting for an answer Ki continued. So... Why do you choose to obey, instead of just running off into freedom?


    Spirit tilted her head slightly. I... Didn't realize we'd have choices.... Just bring whatever you think is best. It was simply unbelievable that this miniature restaurant had formed without anyone noticing.


    "Don't kill the moment~"

    "Oh... I hadn't realized, sorry..." To himself, he quietly wondered what he had done exactly to kill the moment. Entirely unsure, he simply ignored that thought as she spoke once more.

    "But...thanks--Really, I don't know that I would've survived that attack at all, even with the medicine..." The thought flashed in his head, of Julia taking the blast because he'd stalled or panicked. He shivered slightly and shook the thought away. This was definitely not the time.

    "I... Am thankful that you're alive... That we both are...." He smiled slightly. Her hands rested against his, but seemed to shift around slightly. Is something wrong?

    "...You're not ready to die, right?" Her hand had settled in his before she spoke more. "Because I think I do owe you something... starting with honesty, and I think you're too modest." She turned to him, smiling, causing a chain reaction with his own smile. "I know it hasn't been so long but... yeah. I do." For a moment she had turned away, only to turn back and speak something that nearly floored Kiba on the spot. "I want to be loved too, y'know."

    He winced slightly from the pain of his injuries, though for some reason (either he was trying to act tough around Julia, or he was just trying to resist the pain, he couldn't tell) he tried to keep the pain from notice. He was smiling, something he wasn't used to; it hurt his face a bit but it made him feel warm and bubbly inside, and even if he had tried to he couldn't stop smiling. Her question made him think for a few moments. He casually brushed his night-black hair away, his ever-so-independent eyes glimmering with delight, something that had been truly missing from his expression.

    "Yeah... W-no... Wait..." Obviously he hadn't thought it entirely through, so he paused a bit to think. "Well... No. I don't want to die. If I have even the slightest chance with you, I'd rather take it than die. However," he spoke, almost as if sounding clever, like he'd found a loophole in her question, "If I had to choose again, between saving your life at the cost of my own, or letting you fall so that I may live... I'd save you in a heartbeat. No second thoughts." He smiled slightly. Was that romantic to say? He wasn't sure. It sounded as if she were making sure he weren't suicidal. Though, he was being honest. He blushed slightly. "I'm too modest? ... Maybe... I'd just rather not sound full of myself, or self-righteous, because that's not how my mind works..." It seemed increasingly obvious, especially with the whole, "take the bullet" for her thing, both hypothetical and the real thing.

    Her "wanting to be loved too" phrase caused him to redden slightly, again. She clearly knew what he wanted, and had reassured him by admitting similar feelings. He smiled slightly, pausing for a moment to look into her eyes, with his own. To himself he wondered if she had really noticed the oddity of his eyes yet. On one hand, it was fairly obvious, since the colors were fairly contrasted. But on the other hand, he had also assumed that, up until now, he was pretty much ignored. He smiled slightly, examining the many minor details that formed her face. Suddenly a small thought came back to him, causing him to shuffle through the bed sheet (with his free hand) and picked up that ticket he'd received not moments before she'd come in.

    "I'm not sure exactly what this is... A Circus? I mean, I've never been to one before... But, considering my condition here, I might not be able to go..." He glanced up slightly. "It would be nice if I had some company here, since I can't really go anywhere... I-I mean, if you aren't busy or anything..." He flustered a bit, but he was doing better. This conversation itself had seemed to help him become social, at least a bit.

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