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Ragnaros 'Bloodthirster' Phylax

"Wait, Dark Lightning?" Vigil asked, turning to Lyn. The name of their former ally calmed Ragnaros a bit as he sat silent with the others. Defender kept rambling nonsense, gradually losing his sanity. He had taken his failure seriously, but his planning skills were amazing, nonetheless. It wasn't directly his fault that a whole army of ancients popped out of the ground, but now something seemed very wrong with Defender, and Ragnaros noticed it. Vigil spoke, interrupting the dragon's thoughts.

"Rey once said to me that the most admirable trait we of the Gold Tribe possessed was endurance. He said that no matter what came our way, whether the toughest battle or the worst calamity, we would always make it through because we were fighting for something important. We had the endurance to see it through. He said that everything, even bad fortune like this, can be overcome by endurance. That's what we've done this whole time. That's what Dark Lightning died believing too. He knew we wouldn't just give up once he passed. There really is still hope. As long as we endure, there'll always be hope. No matter what happens. If you still follow me, we can still do this. I know we can."

Bloodthirster nodded to the golden Bisharp. He recognized his brother's strong heart and will he displayed and he admired him for those aspects. I'm with you, brother, he thought, an oath he had taken a long time ago, or so it seemed.

"Vigil..." Calamity began. "I want to believe that, but what do we do now? The ambush failed. We have no means of getting into the Albia. The Alpha Alliance army will be crushed by those watchtowers."

"Not quite." Noctus finally spoke, walking to the middle of them all. "I...don't know why Roswell did what he did. He probably had good reason to. I'm not justifying what he did. It was terrible. But I came with you guys to accomplish a mission. You may not have the thieves anymore, but you have me. I know the secret paths into Albia as well. If you still want, I can take you there, and finish what you started."

A grin appeared to the Salamence's face. 'Now, that's just great! Bet those ancients won't be seeing it comin',' he said and cracked his head, thinking the fun was coming right at him. He couldn't wait to get down on the battlefield once again, and the blood running down his shoulder and face didn't seem to hinder him at all. He was sure that Sovereign was in Albia, and they two could have a rematch. I won't let him win this time...

Hoodhide grunted, concious now. "Ugh...I hope-I'm not gonna end up beatup likethis in every bigbattle...I'mwithya Vigil all the way..."

"I doubt there'll be a surprise in every big battle," said TrueStriker. Bloodthirster didn't really mind surprises, as long as they weren't ruining a whole plan of theirs... He watched as Hanso casted some kind of healing power on the Scrafty. Meanwhile, Defender was still talking with himself.

"Who else needs healing right now?"

Bloodthirster, calm now, walked over to Defender and swung his heavy tail, hitting his head and throwing him on the ground.

'I don't often apologise, so you better accept it this time, friend,' he whispered and turned to Hanso, shouting, 'He does!'

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