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    "Or we can carry you." Irek says, walking in with Jev. "Jev insisted to carry Avaith and Mello to the Show... You can ask Flare to at least bring you over if you can survive getting up... Plus, its not a circus, its a play on the origin of Lethia. Just prepare your own seat if you get in." Jev walked by Kiba and Julia, looking over the basket containing Mello and Avaith. He poked Avaith to wake up and chuckled. "Sorry Mello, but you walking grill asked for this." He started tugging at the bed. Irek takes a simple bow, chuckling. "Sorry to disturb you both...." The green pikachu takes his leave and takes notice to Entei, walking up towards him he takes a deep breath in and sighs. The show wasn't going to start yet, so he had some time to kill. Meanwhile, Jev was still tugging the bed containing Avaith and Mello towards the show. Avaith woke up due to the bed's movements. "It's starting now?..." The bug was grunting and paused to take a breather for a moment. "Not yet, it will momentarily." "Then why are you dragging us now?" "Trying to get front row."

    [I leave the RP for a day and already, it grows without me. XD.
    I have a HUGE word document for this whole play and I hope it will be enjoyable.]

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