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@ drunk - you're allowed to write in second person if you want! I kind of liked your style of doing that. So it's up to you :3

UNIPORTANT EDIIITT: Okay xD I'll decide for you. You'll notice at some point in the story what role you have.

AND NOW. Here comes a MASSIVE explanation of the Roles I have in mind for Checkmate. Differences between this and Homestuck are abundant. Don't bother complaining xD So sit down with a cup of coffee or soda and a piece of snacks and read through this.

NOTE: An aspect does not have to be your main weapon - actually it most often isn't. You still battle with your Strife Specibus weapon!

The class points at how you should use your powers and the aspect is the nature of your powers. Note that it will take some time before you learn to use this stuff :p

BREATH. A very purely elemental aspect as it allows the Hero to control air and wind - breath. Fraymotifs might allow for many different things to be done with this power.

LUCK. What it says. Depending on your class, you will be able to do things related to luck.

TIME. Slow, speed up or stop time, either for yourself or for others. Time travels (back in time, not into the future) might be possible under very certain circumstances. Depending on your class, you will likely use this aspect differently in different situations.

SPACE. Alter the size of objects and yourself, use telekinesis and even teleportation under special circumstances. Depending on your class, you will likely use this aspect differently in different situations.

MIND. Read or affect minds to some extent and alter or erase memories under special circumstances. There can probably be many creative ways to use this aspect.

LIFE. Heal yourself or others, either physically or mentally or even in other ways... depending on your class, this aspect can utter itself in varying ways but is has to do with light and the sheer force of life.

VOID. Become invisible or become visible when no one else is... This aspect is complicated but has to do with the concept of "nothingness". Depending on your class, it can be used very differently.

HOPE. Maybe easy to understand and a bit alike Luck, but more on the emotional and subjective side rather than Luck's objective and literal side. Depends heavily on your class.

BLOOD. Has to do with the powers of friendship, loneliness and conflicting feelings in general. Heroes with this aspect have a strong affinity for and power over forming or breaking bonds between themselves-others and even others-others, depending on their class.

RAGE. A very useful aspect for offensive classes but a bit trickier for defensive ones. Depending on the class, this aspect can either kick in to help the Hero, or the Hero can be protected from other's rage or even other ways.

DOOM. Has to do with impending death or misery and can either be used to power up a fighter to bring Doom upon their enemies, or to even protect others from impending Doom.

"It's hard. Being a kid and growing up. It's hard and nobody understands..."
What do you need to grow up to be? Pick a class whose description you think fits Genevieve / Vinnie / Ricardo / Candice.

HEIR. These are often naive but independent people who need to learn how to communicate and work together with others more. Their aspect seems to protect them, sometimes unconsciously. Depending on the aspect, this "protection" is often turned back against the enemies sometimes.

MAID(f) / MONK(m). These are often nervous and worrying people who need to learn that with a strong heart it is possible to protect and care for others without worrying. Their aspect seems to be used intuitively and unpredictably, almost as if the Maid or Serf was literally made of the aspect.

PRINCE(m) / BRIDE(f). These people are often narcissistic and self-loving and need to learn how to share their talents with others and love others instead of being so full of themselves. Their aspect is used in a very destructive way as these are the most offensive classes.

THIEF. These are often people who try to please others too much and need to learn how to do depend on themselves and dare to do things for themselves to get stronger. They use their aspect in a stealthily offensive way and depending on the aspect they can "steal" that kind of power from enemies to power up themselves.

ROGUE. These are often private and selfish people who need to learn how to use their strengths to benefit and help others rather than themselves. They use their aspect in a stealthily defensive way and depending on their aspect they can "steal" that kind of power from enemies to power up their allies.

MAGE(m) / WITCH(f). These are often people who doubt their own worth and might be depressed. They need to learn to use their own skills to shine and stay optimistic no matter what happens. Their aspect is most often used in a stylish and brilliant way, as to show off as much as possible to strengthen the Mage's/Witch's own confidence.

KNIGHT(m) / SYLPH(f). These people can be very different but have in common that in order to grow as a person, they need to learn how to take off the mask they put on in front of others and learn to trust their friends. Their aspect is used to protect themselves and their dear ones and they are likely to make unselfish sacrifices for the greater good.

BARD(m) / MUSE(f). These are often people who enjoy life as it is but need to learn how to motivate and inspire others and make them find joy in the life they presently have as well. They use their aspect to power up and assist others but when they fight alone, their aspect is the thing that motivates and cheers them on, almost as if the aspect itself was a companion.

Before we go any further, I should explain that a FRAYMOTIF = battle technique. It can be found or bought around the... the SBURB world. Think of them as MOVES in Pokémon :D

And GOD-TIER is when you have reached the highest level possible for mortals and are able to ascend and become a god-like being with much greater control over your aspect. Also, gods can fly :3


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