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    The Legendary Club

    • Follow all Club Rules, and all other PC Rules will apply.
    • Any Spamming, trolling or any sign of hatred will result in banishment from the club.
    • Activeness is a good thing, so please try to remain active.
    • It's alright to mention one simple post as examples to non-Legendary Pokemon, but please stay on topic as to what the Club is made for.
    • When posting pictures, make sure you preview before posting. If it says use a "Shared Link," please do so.

    Sign-Up Form
    Name: Sector Revenge
    2 Partner Pokemon: Aurora the Latias, Sephora the Cresselia
    Answer A Topic:

    Legendary Pokemon(48)
    ~Please Hover over Pokemon for their Signature Moves or Abilities~

    Shiny & Other Forms(92)

    Members (17)
    ~Please Hover over Pokemon for Nicknames~

    Sector Revenge


    Katie the Friendly Ghost


    Ghost Emperor

    The Shiny Umbreon in the Corner


    Club Statistics:
    Most Popular: 3-Suicune

    Fun Items
    ~Hover over names for details~
    Adamant Orb
    Aurora Ticket
    Blue Orb
    Burn Drive
    Chill Drive
    Clear Bell
    Dark Stone
    Douse Drive
    DNA Link Pin
    Draco Plate
    Dread Plate
    Earth Plate
    Enigma Stone
    Eon Ticket
    Fist Plate
    Flame Plate
    God Stone
    Griseous Orb
    Icicle Plate
    Insect Plate
    Iron Plate
    Jade Orb
    Light Stone
    Lunar Wing
    Lustrous Orb
    Manaphy Doll
    Meadow Plate
    Mind Plate
    Rainbow Wing
    Red Chain
    Regice Doll
    Regirock Doll
    Registeel Doll
    Shock Drive
    Silver Wing
    Sky Plate
    Soul Dew
    Splash Plate
    Spooky Plate
    Stone Plate
    Tidal Bell
    Toxic Plate
    Zap Plate

    1. Which region-based game has the same initials as the 3 Legendary Beasts? Answer: Ruby(Raikou), Sapphire(Suicune) & Emerald(Entei)
    2. What types are Moltres resistant against? Answer: Fighting, Bug, Steel, Fire & Grass
    3. Name the following episodes Moltres appeared in. Answer:

    User Bars

    Past Topics
    1. What's your favorite Legendary Pokemon & why?
    2. Who do you prefer as an ancestor/a god of all Pokemon: Mew vs Arceus?
    3. How do you feel about the new forms of Thundurus/Tornadus/Landorus/Keldeo & the fusion of both Black/White Kyurem?
    4. Which form of Deoxys do you like most & why?
    5. List the following Cute Legendary Pokemon in order of cuteness and explain which are the strongest. Mew vs Celebi vs Jirachi vs Manaphy vs Shaymin vs Victini
    6. Are there any specific kind/type of Legendary Pokemon you would like to see introduced in Generation VI? Show some examples.
    7. Which Pokemon sprite & their shiny colors disappoint you the most?
    8. Out of all the types, Poison is the only type that is lacked among the Legendary Pokemon. How do you feel about this?
    9. The only trainer we've faced with a Legendary Pokemon is N. Should there be more trainers in the game's main storyline with Legendary Pokemon to battle against, such as Elite Four or Champion?
    10. Should Phione be considerate as one of the Legendary Pokemon?
    11. Since Phione is an offspring of Manaphy, should Phione know Heart Swap as well?
    12. What is your favorite background story of an individual Legendary Pokemon & why?