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Originally Posted by mavy42 View Post
is it really supposed to be
slow med fast in the options?
I don't remember.
But it fits, doesn't it?

Originally Posted by PokeGeisha View Post
Will this game be as emotional as Ruby Destiny Life of guardians?:D Like when the main character went to the shore to talk to herself and stuff? i loved that part<3
Depends though.
The story progress more as I continue the hack.

Originally Posted by Ash493 View Post

WHAT?! There's something like that? o.O
I can't even think of where could that even be present...
Aside from the main story, another set of events are around to change the story.
It has a requirement when it'll be available, and when it will no longer be available.
It will be up to the players to discover them.

Originally Posted by pokemonpal7 View Post
I'm not sure if this has been mentioned before, bu when I battled Jude on Route 3-B, after he was looking for Ralts, the screen started panning to the right, into the trees, and it was likwe that after the battle as well. I restarted from my last save point, and took him on again, and it cotinued normally. ???
I don't think I remember scripting an event where you can battle Jude in Route 3-B...
But if you meant the battle took place in Route 2-A, then I'll check on that.

Originally Posted by manutdrule View Post
i actually want the "evilteam" concept (bleh team rocket plasma galactic watnot)
that all pkmn games have so far to be abolished and a more mature JRPG story to be setup.

The "Protag must stop Team "so and so" from capturing/using "insert legendary"" is being reused way to many times and very cliche and dull alr.
I...couldn't understand what you are trying to say.
The start of your comment sounds like you want the evil team concept, but later, it sounds like you don't want it.

Originally Posted by Ach7AC View Post
I was talking about the old "Leave starting town, get 8 badges, defeat evil team, beat Pokemon League" formula that has been present in all official games and even on most hacks. LoG did break the formula by putting a more stronger emphasis in the Legendary Pokemon storyline and stopping the Dark Organization and Team Earth, albeit while at the same time keeping the badges story sidelined. I was actually quite surprised at the absence of a real Victory Road/E4 and how the story was completed before the 8th gym battle. But I mean that in a good way.
I'm not sure yet if SkyLine will be following that formula or not.
It's still in development. Changes are always around.

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