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Name: Curious.
Your Trainer Sprite: Clair, please!
2 Partner Pokemon(Yes we can have nicknames!): Kingdra and Charizard (No nicks)

Why have you chosen to become a Dragon Tamer?: For most of my Pokemon gaming I've had a Dragon Type Pokemon on my team (HG I had Dragonite, DPPt I had Garchomp and in BW I had another Dragonite) -- I love their power, their elegance and grace, their beauty and most importantly their kind and complex minds and hearts.

Answer Current Topic: My favourite dragon type? Hmm, this is a toughy since there's many I do love -- I think I'd have to settle on Dragonite or Kingdra, or Hydreigon. (I know I know, that's more than one, aha). If larvitar and pupitar counts though, then they're definitely my favourites.

Also on that note, I definitely think the larvitar line or at least Larvitar and Tyranitar are known as dragons. ~ But that could possibly be a topic of discussion. When we get new members we can vote perhaps?
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