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ShadowTheDarkrai, there is a topic, it's just put under the "Past Topics" part of the OP, so you might've been confused :p

Name: Olli97
Your Trainer Sprite: Lance, the orignal Dragon Master, and the only one I'll whom I'll aknowledge the title on :p
Partner Pokemon: Dragonite and Aerodactyl.
Why have you chosen to become a Dragon Tamer?: Dragon types are just generally pretty awesome, all of them usually being generation favourites, and each unique in their own way. They've "evolved" a lot since the first generation, though they still keep their fame and are usually the Pokémon that are being looked forward to the most.

What is your favorite Dragon Pokemon & why?

Dragonite. I still recall the first time I got the Dratini in my Blue and spent hours training it, not having any knowledge of when it'd evolve, though I was positively suprised when it finally reached its second evolution with how powerful it actually was, and though I don't use Dragon types much, mainly because they take so freaking long to evolve and all that, I still keep my love for Dragonite.
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