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    hello old members- this is my first thread here for anyone who cares

    this is my first time with restored pokemon
    i guss this deck runs with 2 ways- heal and gain more power for attacks

    what do you think?


    1x groudon ex
    1x terrakion ( noble victories)
    2x umbreon (dark ex- the one with confuse ray)
    3x eevee
    2x Aerodactyl
    2x Sableye (dark ex)
    1x Blissey ( dark ex)
    2x Chansey
    2x Hydreigon (noble)
    2x Zweilous
    3x Deino

    total number: 21


    1x Eviolite
    1x N
    1x Rocky Helmet
    2x Cheren
    1x Dark Claw
    1x Dark Patch
    1x Old Amber
    1x Twist Mountain
    1x Luxury Ball
    2x Switch
    2x Energy Retrieval
    2x Pokemon communication
    1x Potion
    1x Cilan

    total: 18


    10x dark energy
    8x fighting energy
    3x darkness energy

    total: 21

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