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Update 2 of my first Nuzlocke! I ground in Eterna Forest for what seemed like FOREVER and got my four main 'mons up to 20 each. (Then I caught Cherubi and of course did more grinding for 19.... Thank goodness for that healing Chansey) The Grass Gym was really kind of pathetic. Flame Wheel'd every Bud and Cherry it had to offer. Then again I did pick Chimchar....

Current Party:

King Kong, the male Monferno (Quiet, lv 23)
-Flame Wheel
-Mach Punch
-Fury Swipes

Psyched, the female Psyduck (Hardy, lv 20)
-Water Gun
-Tail Whip

Mockingjay, the male Staravia (Impish, lv 21) (yay evolution!)
-Wing Attack
-Quick Attack
-Double Team

The Thing, the male Geodude (Modest, lv 20)
-Rock Smash
-Rock Throw

Sakura, the female Cherubi (Docile, lv 19)
-Magical Leaf
-Leech Seed

Useless, the male Silcoon (Serious, lv 10)
-Poison Sting
-String Shot
(Gonna kill you off the moment I get a suitable 6th partymate, 'kay Useless?)

First Encounters:

Twinleaf Town - Lv 5 Chimchar, starter, named King Kong
Route 201 - Lv 3 Starly, caught, named Mockingjay
Route 202 - Lv 2 Bidoof, caught, named Justin B.
Route 203 - Lv 4 Abra, fled
Oreburgh Gate - Lv 6 Psyduck, caught, named Psyched
Oreburgh Mine - Lv ? Zubat, defeated
Route 207 - Lv 5 Geodude, caught, named The Thing
Route 204 - Lv 9 Wurmple, caught, named Useless (Gonna kill you off....)
Floaroma Meadow (Honey Tree) - Lv 15 Cherubi, caught, named Sakura (No tall grass in here, but there is a Honey Tree! )
Valley Windworks - Didn't go into the grass yet because what if I get a Bidoof.... Should I wait for Drifloon?
Route 205 - Lv 10 Shellos, defeated (meh....)
Eterna Forest - Double battle Bidoof and Buneary, defeated Bidoof and caught Buneary, named Bugs
Underground - Skull Fossil (I'mma revive that!)


Justin B. - Lv 8 male Bidoof
Rouge - Lv 5 female Zubat (sacrificed to a biding Pachirisu because I wasn't sure if my other 'mons could take the hit after the damage that Pachy took. your death was not in vain, Rouge the Bat!)
Bugs - Lv 12 male Buneary (he died in training x_x sadface.)

Nuuu Buneary ;n; Gardenia why is your Gym so easy. Oh that's right. I have Chimchar. Nuuuuuu Buneary....

Also I remember how fun I thought the Underground was before and how much I mined in the night with lights off. x3 I did so last night as was rewarded with a bunch of shards and a Skull Fossil or two. Cranidos is better than Silcoon


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