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    I knew the Trainers had 60s lurking. However, I've immediately found on Route 11 that the Audinos themselves got a major upgrade; they went from 33-36 to 46-47 in my first encounters. They still know Heal Pulse (learned at Lv.35), so they are more likely to heal you themselves so you can keep fighting; however, they also know Double-Edge and can hurt some of your Pokémon badly. I did defeat one Trainer on 11 and one who faced my way as I tried to sneak through on 12. I've slipped into the towns and can Fly anywhere now. I missed a shot at a Gliscor due to me leveling up my Ice Pokémon a few levels (Ice Beam was supereffective!). Especially in the post-E4, trek over to the later Routes and hunt Audino like it's going out of style; you will be able to gain at least 3,000 experience in one fight while you're still in the 50s. Already found my prime spot on Route 11 and will hang around there for a while, but I better fight the Trainers on either side to be sure I don't encounter them while weak. Lv.60+ on all Trainers!

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