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    Psyniac or however you spell it, thanks for your informatie review.

    First, with the Genesect thing, Chaos found i and caught it. She doesnt know whether it is legendary. With Celebi, the story is a follows. Chaos is walking down Route 4 in Kanto with her Ivysaur and Adabra. A flash of green (celebi) flys past her anddrops a green crystal, Chaos picks it up. Years later, Chaos is wearing the crystal in her ncklace and just beat Giovanni. She accidentally drops the crystal when sheisfingering it, and Celebi appears, taking Giovanni to the cave. Out of character Oaks. Well, I like little changes from canon. It is an underlying mystery of vital importance for the first few stories, so no spoilrs. With the battles, well thats just my style of writing, I cant write in anoter way. I wil try and improve on all of your points though, and once again, thanks for your review.

    Everyone eagerly awaiting chapter three, chapter 2 was rewritten today, but chapter three is number 2 on my list of things to do on fanfic and writing. Number 1 is rewrite chapter 2 of Greys Journey. All of you waiting for that, it will be there soon.
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