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    Well, basically I need help with building a strong in-game team in Black. I don't know half the Pokémon and it seems some of my choices aren't so hot...

    Right now I have: Pignite, Pansage and Tranquill.

    For the record, I'm keeping Tranquill out of tradition (I always use the staple bird), but I may replace him with a Mandibuzz, even though she has crap attacking stats. I may drop Pansage because it's a stone evolution and it learns the last move too late (L43), and I don't think it's going to be useful for so long.

    I was going to catch a Blitzle but I heard Zebstrika isn't very good. I tried to catch a Drilbur too but I ran out of Poké Balls and it's just too annoying to catch, so I think I'm going with Krookodile but I'm not sure.

    So, what are good Pokémon for making a team for BW's story?


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