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Yuki looking at the curls of blankets and quilts below her, trying to think up the right words to say, “Rion...” she stopped again. “This really was all my fault, if I kept my Rotom under control, none of this would ever have happened”.

She slowly and gently put her hand on the place she though his shoulder was and said, “Look, Rion. I don’t want to upset you, hurt you or anything like that. I…erm..really like you” stuttering on the last bit.

“If you want to come out of there, we could try and be friends. I could even give you some of my bravery and earn your trust… Isn’t that the reason you came here?” as her cheeks flushed red.

She thought quickly and nodded to her Emolga who nodded back. She pulled her hands up to her neck and unclipped the Emolga tail necklace around her neck.

“How about this, I’ll let you borrow my good luck charm necklace and it might even bring you luck and bravery in this tournament, I hope it’s a sign that you can trust me” She said, placing it on his hand which was sticking out of the sheet softly and carefully. “I promise you, I won’t let you down in this tournament and I hope we can become true friends.”
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