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    Hi Im making a league that will have 8 gym leaders, 4 elite four members, and a champion. I will act as current champ for now. although trainers may battle the champion to take his/her position but only after defeating all gym leaders, and elite four members. However gym leaders and elite four members may challenge the leader at any time. You may battle the leaders in any order you wish, but only battle each gym once per day. (example- you may not battle the poison gym twice in one day)
    (Also If I am not online and you need to apply or ask a question text me at 765-591-2749)

    In order to apply to be a gym leader please fill out the form below and I will challenge you to test your skill. You dont have to win, just prove to me you can battle.

    Type- (type you will use as a leader.)
    Skill level-
    Name- Andrew
    FriendCode- 3182 2791 0012
    Type- Fire
    Skill level- Have been playing pokemon since Gen one and have been using fire ever since.

    There can only be one leader of each type. The Elite four members will be the members I find the most skilled when I battle them.
    If you wish to challenge a gym leader please message them and set up a specified date and time for the battle. Users found to be using hacked poke will be banned from future challenges.

    To be able to earn a gym badge you and the gym leader must agree on the outcome of the battle. If you become the Champion of the league you will be awarded with a Pokemon of your choice out of all the pokemon up to Gen 4.

    Current Champion - PokemonOnline (fire)

    Elite four members - None

    Gym leaders - Le Dragon - The Water Type