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    The Almighty Beast Has... Feelings?

    Ki had listened intently with not a sound, and afterward rested his paw against one of the large front limbs of the great beast of flame. Eyes closed, he spoke. ... I understand... You have decided that fate brought you to the human girl, and because of that you choose to stay. That's a very noble thought, mind you, but the question is, are you happy? Do you gain any satisfaction from following her, as opposed to your previous life of freely roaming the world? He glanced up at the sky for a moment as he continued. I have thought Pokeballs as a disgusting invention created by humans to enslave Pokemon for their own selfish purposes. Though, in your situation, it actually prevents natural disasters, those that you cause but cannot control.

    He watched the Entei once more, face solemn with a deep, wise look within his eyes.I refused to be captured by any human, knowing they'd only use me to achieve their own goals. I hated humanity, found them selfish, terrible creatures. Kiba however... He was different. We shared a bond, something deep and meaningful that bound us together. He wasn't like the rest; he had devoted his life to helping others, and was still able to achieve personal goals in the process... He'd never even attempted to capture any of the Pokemon that follow him today. We all follow him of our own free will. He's never forced us to fight; we go willingly. But why do we follow him exactly? Is it fate? Or perhaps a longing for companionship?


    "Um... Ki, Kiba's lucario, said he might be able to get Kiba walking again. ...He can talk, sort of." Julia had glanced at Kiba with a look that said, "Did that really happen??"

    Kiba nodded. "Yes. Ki can speak via telepathy, a trait shared among most Lucario. I... Can actually speak with him telepathically on my own... It's something he had taught me, though I have no idea how." He thought back to the memory for a moment, then suddenly realized that Julia had mentioned speaking to Ki. "Oh yeah, he's here now, isn't he! That means he can get me walking again!" He sat further upright, and despite his attempts at being "tough", emitted a pained groan, quickly clenching a fist over his stomach. With a slightly pained voice, he spoke, "I-it would be nice... To actually... Take you places... Instead of just... sitting in this bed..."

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