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    Normal: Skitty/Delcatty. Love them both equally.
    Bug: Either Scyther or Yanma. Scyther has a great design, but I liked using my Yanma in Colosseum
    Fighting: Virizion, very closely followed by Mienshao and Breloom. Love all their designs. A dainty grass antelope? You bet. Weasel thing with long arm fur? Pretty neat. Dinosaur/mushroom? Heck yes.
    Flying: There are A LOT of these I like, but I'll go with Mandibuzz. It's ugly in a sick, awesome kind of way.
    Poison: Tie between Nidoking and Nidoqueen. Incredible design.
    Water: Kabutops looks sick. For pure a Water Type then Suicune.
    Fire: Either Entei or Flareon, tough choice. A Chinese guardian lion or a puffy fire catfox thing... that's tough...
    Grass: So many I love... I can't even... let's go with Meganium, Sawsbuck, Tropius, Hoppip, Serperior, Leafeon, and Whimsicott. Indecisive, I know...
    Rock: Tyranitar, closely followed by Golem.
    Steel: Aggron with Skarmory coming close.
    Ground: Flygon, even though it should be a Bug IMO
    Electric: Manectric, extremely closely followed by Luxray. I also like Zebstrika and *gasp* ZEKROM
    Psychic: Espeon, coming close is the lovely Girafarig.
    Ice: Sneasel and Articuno.
    Ghost: Giratina.
    Dark: Absol. DAT DESIGN

    Yeah, so as you can see I have trouble picking just one favorite lololol