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    Jack Davis

    Jack led Lilith, Delta, Alpha, and Bravo inside and found some seats in the middle. He wasn't really sure what the show would be about but he really hoped it was good. Yeah, he did get his ticket for free but he still expected something worthwhile. He patted Lilith's head lightly. The Dragonair was getting more calm than she had been before. He hoped that this could continue.

    Foxtrot came back with various berries in a bowl and laid them before the two ladies. "Can I depart now Echo?" He asked. The Sneasel paused and nodded, "Sure." The Sableye eagerly ran off to the show as Echo smiled at Spirit. "So... how is Kiba as a trainer? He seems to be more laid back than Jack." She said as she ate an oran berry from the bowel.
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