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Vieve Gotle

Crying at a time like this is pointless like these machines that are around my house. I just need to make sure that Gavin’s all right and then we can continue. If only Ricardo would tell me what to do with these machines because I couldn’t figure out how to work them. He probably didn’t either which means that we’re in some serious trouble. Glancing at my computer I notice how many new messages I had. When did I get so popular? Gavin would be jealous and proud right now.

Who is velociClamper? Wait, Candice mentions something about him/her in her memo post but she didn’t say much. Why are they acting as if they know me somehow? Asking all these questions that are never going to get answer is another pointless thing I keep doing. Wiping my eyes would be a good first step but I didn't have anything to wipe with. I’m not quite sure how to respond to this but I do my best without making a fool of myself, I think. How does s/he know I’m crying the only person that could have that knowledge would be Ricardo.
-- velociClamper begun pestering paintSplatter --
VC: oh Vieve, don't cry!! ;_;
VC: you'll make me cry too!
VC: I know this must seem strange and scary for you.. it was scary for me too...
VC: and this is just the beginning.
VC: things will become even more strange
VC: but it will be fun too!
VC: amazing, even!!
VC: but it will be sad as well.
VC: I wish I was there and could help you! I would know how to make you feel better.
VC: but at the same time it feels so strange to talk to you
VC: and I think I will let someone else do it.
VC: but I am here and one day we will meet!!
VC: I hope ;_;

-- velociClamper ceased pestering paintSplatter --
-- paintSplatter begun pestering velociClamper --
PS: You seem nice.
PS: I don’t know how you know I’m crying.
PS: Which I wasn’t! New mascara and all.
PS: I only wish I knew who you were…
PS: Thanks.

-- paintSplatter ceased pestering velociClamper --
That is much easier than I thought it would be. Lying is the only option for me right now, I can't let people know I'm crying over a game. Clicking on the next chat I notice that this name is foreign to me as well. Are these the users that are commanding Ricardo around? No the other ones name is rampage something or other. This one is offering help but the pessimistic side couldn’t help but think at what price? I can’t just trust these people that would be a mistake I need to keep my guard up. S/He wants me to make sure Ricardo is ready? What exactly are we getting ready for? Breakfast, lunch? Telling the time is a bit difficult when your eyes are all misty from crying.
-- viralBlaster begun pestering paintSplatter --
VB: Hi.
VB: I will help you.
VB: Secrets suck.
VB: Make sure your server player is ready, because soon you might have to act quickly.
VB: Shape up, girl.
VB: I bet you are stronger than you think.

PS: Why would you want to help me?
PS: Not that I’m rejecting your help but we don’t know each other.
PS: I guess it wouldn’t hurt.
PS: I’ll tell him.

-- paintSplatter ceased pestering viralBlaster --
Candice’s and Ricardo’s conversations are the only ones left. I didn’t know which one to respond to first. I need Ricardo to tell me where Gavin is and to get ready for something we don’t know about. I also need to apologize to Candice I should be respecting her beliefs. Everything is just getting confusing and I don’t have time to sort it out. Well, since Candice’s will only take a second I better just pester her first and that way it’ll give me time to think of what I’m going to say to Ricardo.
-- archaicMiracle began pestering paintSplatter --
AM: Yeah you're right.
AM: It's only...a game.
AM: Sorry if I seemed insane.
AM: I guess you just saw my child inside me or something...
AM: Oh great, now I can't type without saying something weird.
AM: And oh no...did he? Even if I hate dresses, making your clothes dirty is not a good thing.
AM: Oh, and I slipped on water so I'm soaked in water. If only we could switch places.

PS: Hey, if you believe in magic I believe in magic.
PS: Us girls got to stick together. :)
PS: Which means getting you to the nearest store and getting that dress!
PS: Soaked? What is Vinnie doing to you?

-- paintSplatter ceased pestering archaicMiracle --
I’m still not sure if believing in magic is the best thing to do. What harm would it do me? Candice obviously has a good reason to so that means I should at least give it a chance, right? Thinking about this now will only make the confusion greater therefore I’ll wait until later. Ricardo’s more important than some silly magic talk anyway. Pulling up the chat I almost instantly laugh. He had previously messaged me I guess I didn’t see that. I’m not much of pole dancer with this dress on but the comments made me smile regardless. I look like a raging mess I’m bet but yet he calls it beautiful.
-- babelsEngineer began pestering paintSplatter --
BE: Oh my god, are you seriously pole dancing on that crux…
BE: -whatever?
BE: God I need to get a screenshot of this!

BE: Yup, the screenshot is beautiful
BE: <3
BE: Anyways, I figure we need to do /something/ with those machines, so here's my idea:
BE: Figure out which machine the pre-punched card fits into
BE: (I'm guessing it /has/ to fit somewhere, right?)
BE: Then activate the machine and see if that works.
BE: If not, I suggest you break open the Cruxtruder.
BE: After all, since they're free I figure I can just deploy another one if that's not what we needed to do…
BE: Wait, are you crying?
BE: Don't cry!
BE: ****!
BE: What's wrong with you woman!
BE: It's not even like anything /that/ bad's happened!

PS: First, tell me where my brother is.
PS: I need to know for peace of mind.
PS: Second, I’m not crying what do you take me as?
PS: I’m just not use to this new mascara I got and when I rubbed my eyes it made contact with them.
PS: I’ll see what I can do with this large card thingy.
PS: Third, some “viralBlaster” guy told me to tell you to get ready
The large card thingy is a lot lighter the second time carrying it. I back out of my computer desk too fast, which causes me to ram into my bed frame. I stand up to walk over to the first machine trying to see if there are any crevices or drives for this me to slide this into. None that I can see but knowing me it's right in front of me. I notice the green symbol for the first time it'ss the same one as on the waiting screen! Running my hand over it as if it validates that I’m actually in this wacko game. I really didn’t want to walk all the way down these stairs and back. Ricardo can switch these stairs to escalators like now. Does he really think I know what I’m doing, he should really be directing me through this. I start down the stairs before I turn back to look at the computer before heading down. The garden looks like perfection as always and let’s hope it stays like that. Holding up the big card up to the sun to see if it would shine through. It dawns on me that bringing my laptop would help because then I could communicate with Ricardo. Oh well, looks like I’ll be on my own for a little bit.

"I'm ready for a nap..."

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