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    There's ALOT of those, trust me. The last time you battle V, the guy's got some of the strongest Ghost/Dark pokemon & all of em use status effects while attacking with powerful moves. Spiritomb(Hypnosis/Dream Eater/Confuse Ray/Shadow ball with the Leftovers type of stuff) & Dusknoir Will get on your nerves with the usual Will-O-Wisp, Earthquake, Confuse Ray, type of attacks.

    The Kyurem White/Black battles can be considered one as well as you have to fight them back to back without any sort of full recovery.

    The battle against the man who knocks you out at the beginning has a full blown sand team. He's a reason Why getting a Water/Ice pokemon is a Must.

    All of these are in the first beta, there's more I just don't want to list them because it'll released within 2-3 days so you can experience it for yourself. Most of the AI for every event battle is at the highest possible & as you progress in the game, you'll start to see your opponents are using items and held items that works best for the pokemon. Expect to see some Choice Banders.