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Rion Mazer

"Oh no it would have," Deena muttered to herself. "Likely for an entirely different reason of course." She glanced at Dante, the Ninetales having been patiently cleaning himself and waiting for this human mess to be resolved. Deena shook her head.

Did I come here to be brave? Rion asked himself as she spoke. I... I came here because I... I'm weak and I... I don't know what to do right? Would finding out what I want to do... make me brave? He didn't know. In all honesty, Rion was rather frightened of trying. Unintentionally, he had begun to tune poor Yuki out. He was thinking deeply and actively jumped at the touch of the necklace.

He rolled back and away from her under the covers, exposing his face. However, with that movement, it also showed the one thing he had been trying to hide from her: the gaping, scarred, empty eye socket. A moment after he realized this, Rion hurriedly covered it with the long part of his hair, murmuring endless apologies.

When he finally gave up on saying sorry, he looked guilty. "I... I didn't, erm, I didn't want you to see that..." Noticing she still held her good luck charm, Rion forced himself to shake his head, making himself sit up while still cocooned in the many layers of bed. "Um no... you... you should keep that. It... it's good luck for you so.. I um, I need to find my own charm." Deena groaned softly. The boy hadn't been aware of how rude that was. She hoped the girl wouldn't take offense.
"Perhaps I misjudged you after all."

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