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Bad Choice~
Yuki looked down a downtrodden, that her offer had been rejected in such a way. She then, took back the necklace, pushing the bag on her bed onto the floor and lying on the bed facing away from Rion towards the other wall, letting go of the charm in her hand letting it plummet to the floor causing an echo in the silent room.
The longer she sat there, the more time her brain clouded into thoughts and it eventually pushed her away from reality into a way where she could be in a peaceful state. Although to most it would simply appear if she was asleep especially with the goggles on.

After a while of complete silence, except for the sounds made by the trainers Pokemon and quiet breathing, she decided to say something, “Rion…I realise you’re not the most outgoing of trainers and you become shy and embarrassed when talked to…but…I was wondering” she stopped blushing again and then coughed shyly herself before continuing. “I was wondering, if you would ever want to…”
“Ever want to let me help you perhaps...” She said, instantly regretting her words. “Oh…that sounded so rude and offensive…I’m really sorry, all I meant was I can try help you open up a little…maybe?”

Everything she said sounded wrong and offensive and she was just telling herself to be quiet and to not speak anymore in case, she in fact made it much worse.
She turned back towards the wall, embarrassed and worried, pulling the blue Flygon-like goggles down to cover her eyes, so no one saw that she has a tear in her eye.
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