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    Originally Posted by Avishka View Post
    Name: Avishka
    2 Partner Pokemon: mewtwo and Articuno
    What's your favorite Legendary Pokemon & why?
    Mewtwo His power is incredible! Plus, he was a thinking creature, an almost devilish predator set out on world domination! that 1st. film was very cool!
    Articuno is an original favorite. Magestic and beautiful, strongest of the three birds in gameboy (with Mind Reader and that OHKO move) and trading card game (Fossile).
    Darkrai just way too frickin' cool!
    Mewtwo still is that strongest Pokemon. Just many others came to be bulkier and has more to them than meet the eyes. I'm iffy on how Arceus look and the way it is. Even though its suppose to be the God of all Pokemon, there is still no clarification on how they left Mew in the dust since Arceus came along in that storyline bit.

    Articuno is beautiful, but in today's generation, Articuno seem to be only favored over Phione, since its movepool isn't that wide compare to Zapdos or even Moltres. The movie 2000 with the Mirage Pokemon and Lugia was an amazing story between the four birds. Definitely a great film.
    Originally Posted by ShadowTheDarkrai View Post
    Name: ShadowTheDarkrai
    2 Partner Pokemon: Shadow the Darkrai (pretty obvious) and Eclipse the Giratina (origin form)
    What is your favorite Legendary and why?: My favorite legendary and favorite Pokemon is Darkrai. It has been that way since I played MD T my first game. It all started when my friend hacked my game for me and asked which one I wanted to change my character too. (I don't hack anymore though) I chose Darkrai and in the game I saw the dark and mysteriousness of it's story. I liked it so much. Darkrai was powerful and cool in my eyes. Ever since I saw him in MD T, Platinum and it's Movie I've enjoyed the back stories and the mysteriousness surrounding him.
    Seems Darkrai still has a large, large fanbase. Its Dark Void & Nightmare ability is still the most fearsome combination of moves out there. Drakrai has it good in it! Since Cresselia & Drakrai are in a Duo together, do you think Drakrai should be a male gender, since Cresselia is 100% Female? I think so.

    What is your favorite Legendary and why?:
    Latias, Cresselia. Beautiful, Gorgeous. Latias & Cresselia are my two all time favorites indeed. Not because they are females, but because they are very unique and have a great movepool. Latias is that playful Pokemon, while Cresselia is that Saturn-like Pokemon that can help cure your nightmares. In other words, Cresselia is virtually a hero, while Latias is the good girl who just likes to play Palkia & Reshiram would fall right behind these two beauties. Palkia due to its amazing Bulky, awesome shoulders while Reshiram is that Fire/Dragon Pokemon I've always been wanting. There you have it, I just listed my top 4!