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    Rion Mazer

    Oh no... he had upset her. Stupid, stupid, you don't make a girl sad! You don't do that you stupid! He contemplated hitting himself but the action might make her more unhappy. He didn't want to make things worse! So he sat there very quietly, pointedly looking away as to not bother his roommate. He was too ashamed. Boys were supposed to make girls happy... and he had just made one cry. Bad Rion, even you and your loneliness should have known better than that.

    Then Yuki spoke again, leaving him rather confused. Open... up..? What did that mean? Unfortunately Rion was rather... concrete. Saying something like open up... it immediately brought up the image of Yuki opening a door in his chest. He placed a finger over his mouth. There had to be another meaning for that... because that was just gross. Her previous words about him being easily shy and embarrassed were overlooked, primarily because he beat up himself for it all the time and because he couldn't deny them.

    "Open... up?" he repeated softly, earnestly. "I... I'm, um, really sorry, but... I don't understand that..."

    "She means that she wants to help you make friends," Deena mentally supplied.

    Rion blinked slowly. "Oh..." He no longer looked quite as frightened or embarrassed. His cheeks were still pink with those emotions of course, and he still couldn't look at Yuki, but at least the covers had fallen off his head. "You... you want to... be friends with me?" He didn't quite grasp why she would want to be friends with him. He was weak after all... and he couldn't protect her back like other boys could. "You... You um... you know how to be friends?" The second question, more earnest and eager than the first, was followed by a curious loo up at her goggled head and away again.

    Maybe it would be okay to be in a room with Yuki. After all... she could be brave! She was able to talk to people... and not get stared at! And she wasn't scared or angry with him either! Though maybe she should be... he had upset her... after all. Lost in his own thoughts while awaiting her answer, Rion felt himself sinking into the sheets again, wholly and truly saddened by his own sense of failure.
    "Perhaps I misjudged you after all."

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