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    Hiya guys. Oh man seems like you guys have some serious conversations here =P
    I see no point in putting my username here but here ya go -Krazzikk-

    Now i'm not the best player, that's for sure, but I really, really, really like the series and practice almost every day, at least on the original ssb, as I just got ssbb, and my ssbm disc is broken.

    Some of my favorite characters are....




    2-Captain Falcon



    My favorite game in the series would probably be Brawl, just because, of course having the most characters and maps, and having one of the best game mechanics, although it is nice to play the original from time to time.

    Well I might as well put my friend code here: 5200-9116-2554

    I hope to brawl you all sometime, I really like brawling new people, so just vm me, or pm me, whatever is best for you, and I can arrange a brawl with you. I am on most of the day, and only off on a few days a week. I hope I will be able to fit in and not get yelled at for being a nub and discuss strategy, casual debates, (hint hint) and other things.

    Thkx guys!
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