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    Kozue Tazmily

    After minutes of yelling for assistance, Kozue realized that everything had been resolved, and the girl had been saved. "It's great that she's okay, but..."

    "Come on Kozue, don't look a gift ponyta in the mouth. The girl is safe; they didn't even need you." assured Yagi.

    "Exactly, I could have helped too. But everyone just ignored me."

    "Well the most you can do is just to get over it; what happens happens. maybe next time."

    "There hopefully wont be a next time." sighed Kozue. He figured it was about time to head back to his parents.

    He ran into his parents, Goro and Kaida, with their links around the village bazaar. Goro's link was a lickilicky, and Kaida's was a whimsicott. "Kozue! thank Arceus you're okay!" exclaimed Kaida as she ran over to embrace her son, much to his discretion.

    "Okay mother...yeah i'm okay." Kozue dryly said as she released him.

    "I've haven't seen your mother stressed like tonight for ages. Promise me that when trouble calls you will come straight back to us." ordered Goro.

    "Dad, I'm not a kid anymore!"

    "Yes you are, lets go home family". Goro responded.

    Kozue left the festival frustrated. "When will I be treated with respect?" he asked himself.

    Yay Jesus!