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Icarus Uprising

This Zorua was okay, a little cold but okay. The girl's Zorua was safe & needed to be returned to its link. Unfortunately, the girl tackled Icarus & got her Zorua back. Bad way to thank Icarus, but he doesn't mind. What matters is that no one is dead.

Ichigo looked at the girl & Zorua mildly. What a funny way to thank him & Icarus. Was the Zorua alright though? It was still cold. Icarus got back up from the ground & heard Tsurara announcing. Does the little girl belong to anyone? Does she even have a family? He saw the girl come over & bow to him. Icarus shyly grinned & rubbed the back of his head, eyes closed slightly. Ichigo saw Hikari Densetsu come over with Entei.

It was always a pleasure helping out, even if it wasn't that important, Icarus had his head. If only he said it out to Hikari Densetsu. He was already blushing from being thanked by her. It's hard to believe his crush was actually conversationing with him! It was a dream come true- Almost.

Did she just say she saw me at the forest sometimes? Icarus is usually at the forest surveying for any suspicious activity, but why would Hikari Densetsu be near the forest anyway? Who cares? She's noticing him! Her link was shy? Or was she shy? No way a legendary Pokemon could be timid, right? Icarus almost forgot. "I-I'm Icarus Uprising, b-but you can c-call me P-P-Pit...!" why is it so hard to speak? Well he could barely talk now anyway, it was Hikari Densetsu he was speaking to! "& this is m-my Eevee, Ichigo..." he introduced his Eevee. Ichigo kind of looked away in fright a little. Like human like Pokemon. Icarus had nothing more to say, looking down timidly. Shy as always.

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