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    Originally Posted by krazzikk View Post
    Name Krazzikk, you can also call me Josh
    2 Partner Pokemon Vendetta, the Victini, and Poseidon, the Kyogre
    What is your favorite legendary Pokémon and why? It would have to be Victini, not only because of it irresistible cute looks, and being WAY OP I love him <3

    Me n' Vendetta Forevah

    All credit goes to Watteri91 on Deviant Art! =3
    That's a real cute picture of Victini! But welcome! Do you like Victini because of its cuteness or power? & Interesting choice on Kyogre! Do you use him in battle? Rain dance team? I like the nicknames you chose for them!
    Originally Posted by Snowdrop View Post
    Name: Snowdrop - but call me Skitters!
    2 Partners: Zekrom (Overlord) and Suicune (Riverlace)
    Favorite legend and why: Zekrom. Its design is incredible. It just looks so fearsome and indomitable... even if it is outclassed by Reshi in battle as I've heard. I also like the Lightning element. Overall it just looks incredible.
    Welcome! Zekrom as an overlord, now THAT'S a scary thought LOL'd you come up with that? Currently suits Suicune indeed. I like Zekrom, though I do have to choose Reshiram over it anyday! I've always liked the Special Attackers better than the Physcial ones though. I haven't used Zekrom/Reshiram's two moves together, the Fusion Bolt/Flare moves. What do you think about that?
    Originally Posted by Mentalii View Post
    Name: Mentalii
    2 Partner Pokemon: Electhor the Zapdos and Célesta the shiny Mew
    What's your favourite legendary Pokémon and why? It's Lugia <3 First because I'm a Silver Version fan, so I obviously love its mascot. Then, Lugia is a very interesting Pokémon, I really enjoyed the second movie where it's the heroe, and it's one of the legendaries I use the most in battles. It's strong, majestic, awesome, graceful... I love it.
    I put the original color Mew up for now, I'll update it to a Shiny Mew later. Interesting as you didn't choose Lugia as your partner Pokemon :O Lugia was just straight up badass in The Movie 2000. I enjoyed watching it over and over again back then. Though the cute baby Lugia was the cutest thing ever. To bad we can't use that baby Lugia in-game