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    I did it I defeated the pokemon league.. it wasn't that challenging .. but I lost my Dear Bolt in the process .. But I am not done.. Mewtwo is my next target ..
    My Team
    lvl 55 TurtleNips Blastoise
    lvl 51 Kumy Muk
    lvl52 Gumball Wigglytuff
    lvl 52 Mr.Beaks Pidgeot
    lvl 53 Vegeta Sandslash
    RIP Bolt (Jolteon) lvl 26-53 you are my favorite pokemon and fought hard.. if
    it was t for you I wouldn't have won the pokemon league .. I will surely miss you on our
    Quest to defeat the evil Mewtwo..
    I will update my final team, Box, and fallen ones after my fight with mewtwo.. if I do defeat humid have completed the challenge on Pokemon Blue version.. I shall now head to the cerulean cave.. wish me luck!