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    Originally Posted by Jambo51 View Post
    Buddy, I had to completely rewrite the Pokédex for it to support regional dexes. It simply is not designed to support a regional dex. The Kanto dex in FR is literally the national dex but cut to only be 151 long.

    I built a brand new routine for it to support the National Dex, but it's combined with a lot of small changes in other places to make it all work.

    Even then, I still have at least one thing which I've overlooked at this stage which will need fixed, so it's not finished.
    ah no... i was just trying to extend the kanto dex... kinda like "faking" a regional dex, not an actual regional dex like in GSC ... I figured there must be a check for the national dex when the data was being displayed on the summary screen, but I was having trouble finding the routine that does this to check....

    Your work is impressive, to say the least, and I wasn't trying to take away from it... but in my hack, i figured around 180 pokemon would be enough, so i wanted to remove the national dex completely and only leave the Kanto Dex, so i figured it would only be a couple of checks that needed bypassing. But what u've found so far are the main things, so its fine. :D

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