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Robert Hawkins

Richard obtained the Magby! For 1500P...

MAGBY ♂ Rash
Flame Body - Magby burns Pokémon on contact
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"Well, there's been some rumours, you know? Some pretty suspicious rumours," the merchant rubbed his chin as if he had a beard, which he didn't. "A few adventurers say that if you are on the bottom floor of the temple at dawn, a hidden trap door will be revealed to you. Now, this is just a rumour, but they say that beyond this door, there are a few rare Pokémon and even some funny coloured orbs down there that haven't been picked yet. I don't know who's supplying the rumours, but a lot of people have been saying it."

The merchant looked at the temple, narrowing his eyes at it. For a structure that was literally the first to be excavated, it would be odd indeed for new items to be found in it.

"If you get me some of those orbs, or maybe one of those Pokémon, I could buy them off you for a nice price..."

- 1500P
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