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On closer inspection, there does seem to be a slot on the Totem Lathe where the pre-punched card could fit, don't you think?

And your new friend seems keen on helping. In their own way.

PS: Why would you want to help me?
PS: Not that I’m rejecting your help but we don’t know each other.
PS: I guess it wouldn’t hurt.
PS: I’ll tell him.

VB: True, we don't really know each other.
VB: But I know you will need to get to the Medium very soon,
VB: even though VC believes this bought you guys some time.
VB: And I know that we need you.
VB: And I will let you know that you need to open the Cruxtruder. The machine with the tube and screens. Use something heavy and bang the lid as hard as you can.
VB: Then, take a look up into the sky, girl. And see how SBURB really begins.

==> When you feel ready, open the Cruxtruder's lid in the instructed way. End a post there.


Uh-oh, now you're the one to get a frantic helper on you.

-- velociClamper begun pestering bemyValentine --
VC: what are you doing!?
VC: oh nevermind
VC: playing around is a fun part, I guess!
VC: but she'll need her house for a while longer so maybe follow her suggestion on how to get the water away would be good?
VC: anyways!!
VC: my friend thinks time is ticking too fast for us to keep playing
VC: even though playing is all this is about! well, not all.
VC: but in a way!!
VC: sorry. I'll try to be more specific.
VC: the cruxtruder! use that mighty cursor of yours and pick up something heavy
VC: and smash the lid off!
VC: but make sure that Candice is ready and stands beside!!
VC: oh I'm getting too nervous
VC: but there's no skipping this part :(
VC: just don't look up into the sky afterwards. or at least try to stop Candice from doing it, because
VC: that would make even her nervous!! :(

==> When you feel ready, open the Cruxtruder's lid in the instructed way. End a post there.

"Maybe it could involve painting pictures and picking flowers...
Maybe a trial like that could be cool?"

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