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Ladies & Gentlemen, the beta is 100% complete. I've sent the rom to Tajaros to fix the Kyurem White/Black event & edit some very minor things. After he sends it back to me, I'll check the event. If it's good, you can all expect to play it Right Away!

I'd like to thank everyone who's supported the hack & appriciated all of the hard work I put into it as well as alot of my own personal time that has gone into it. Thank You Everyone! Once it's uploaded, I'll be taking a 2 week break but I'll still be fixing small errors you all may bump into. After 2 weeks, I'll begin inserting stuff for Beta 2. I already have beta 2 planed and scripted out on a practice rom, so it should come a little quicker then the 1st beta did. Don't forget to check out the list of very minor errors you'll encounter in the first beta at the bottom of the OP.