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Julia Blackwood - Tent in Heroes' Loft
Julia listened to Kiba point out what... well... what she'd already gathered to some degree. She found the statement pretty strange. She would have thought a species of pokemon that could commonly speak the human language would've been... well... a /huge deal/! Why wasn't Professor Oak studying these things /right dang now/? On the other hand, why wasn't /this island/ attracting a bunch of researchers? Julia took a moment to glance at Irek. ...There were plenty of amazing things to be found here. Perhaps it was the danger to be found here? The more you know, she guessed! She supposed she could always go ask an expert if she really cared enough, which right now she... honestly didn't. I mean really, there was a tournament to be winning! That being said, Julia passed the thought from her mind.

Kiba's comment on being able to take her places seemed to amuse Julia, though she honestly didn't disagree. A brief flashback to a spire covered in strange symbols crossed her mind at random and she dismissed it. How had that been relevant to her brain again? She wasn't sure.

"I guess the question is... Where'd he go?"

Meanwhile, Entei gave Ki a funny look as if he'd asked a silly question. Was he happy? Ultimately, he supposed he was, disregarding certain issues that aggravated him.

"...I will be happy so long as she does not attempt to restrain /me/ as well."

The notion of Julia restraining a pokemon that could not restrain itself might sound absurd, perhaps resulting in a bit of confusion. It seemed he might be talking about being held back from doing things, rather than actually restraining his powers. Entei continued in a rather observant tone, presuming Ki could even decipher the dog pokemon's tones. Sometimes stuff like that got lost in the translation.

"...The world has an order to it. A sort of fate brings all pokemon together with their trainers, for better or worse, even if a trainer refuses to use the technology to capture a pokemon. Your trainer is a testament to this fate's existence, as were every trainer predating the technology altogether."

...How old was this entei again? It may seem apparent that the answer was 'very'. The dude probably reminisces about the golden days with the dirt itself.

It's been a long time since we crossed paths over spcae-time~
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